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Meet Raj Sharma, founder of Spiritual India Tours

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St. Augustine once said, “The world is a book and those who do not travel read only a page.”

Born in the spiritual abode of Rishikesh, Raj realised from an early age that he had a wanderlust inside him and true to the word of St. Augustine, it impelled him to not just read the book himself, but also encourage others who came to this holy land seeking spiritual solace, to read various pages of that book.

Raj has been a consultant in the field of travel for over 10 years. After several successful years operating his agency Swiss Tours & Travel, Raj collaborated with a number of internationally based travel companies namely in Europe, to coordinate their group tours in different destinations across India and Spiritual India Tours was born.

As a guide and consultant, Raj brings a wealth of experience facilitating tours for groups from all over the world. His passion for planing meaningful getaways and his knowledge of the country he is proud to call home is reflected in the service his guests and business partners receive. He has over the years made valuable connections with spiritual leaders and other people of interest , making his Spiritual India tours unique and unforgettable.

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